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Nail Tips
Firozé gives you ten pointers on how to give yourself a professional French Manicure at home. Firozé, a top manicurist in the Fashion World, believes that a weekly manicure is essential to keep your nails and hands looking their best. She will give you practical and secret solutions to:

• Nails That Won't Grow
• Dry Cuticles that Crack or Peel
• Nails that Crack or Peel
• Enamel that Peels, Fades, Chips, or changes color

Before and After Firozé Nail Care Treatment:



It is important not to leave nails bare and vulnerable to damage. And, don't dry out your nails by prolonged exposure to water detergents, sun and/or cold weather. Use the following techniques to keep your nails in their best possible shape

1. Using a wooden or plastic emery board, file your nails, but not too far down on the sides.

2. Soak your nails in warm soapy water (for how long - i.e. no longer than 3 minutes),

3. Push back the cuticles with a Hindu Stone or an orange stick that is covered with cotton at the tip.

4. Dry your nails well.

5. Use Firozé Nail Enhancer Base Coat with TEA TREE OIL, HORSETAIL EXTRACT, SILICA and Vitamin B12. This is a great formula for every nail type.

For French Manicure

1. Clean the nails with a gentle remover. (Firozé All Natural Conditioning polish Remover)

2. Place the NAIL DECAL on your nails, leaving the free edge of the nail (tip) free to be painted with the bold Pyramid White polish.

3. Wait 3 minutes, then follow with your choice of Silk Enhancer Base Coat, or Nail Enhancer Base Coat. This will create a sophisticated French Manicure look.

4. Follow it with one coat of Talisman Coral or Sunset Pink polish, your choice.

5. Coat your nails with Firozé Glossy Top Coat - a revolutionary quick-drying, nonchip, UV-inhibiting high gloss sealant W/ Organic Cotton, which keeps and seals the nail polish for at least one week.

Using Firozé Nail & cuticle Rejuvenating Cream 2-3 times daily will keep your nails, cuticles and the skin of your hands looking healthy, youthful and luscious as opposed to cracked, dehydrated or peeling. Massage Firozé Nail & Cuticle Rejuvenating Cream into the nails and cuticles. Be sure to massage for 2-3 minutes. Please note that on days where you are applying your polish, you refrain from using the Cream either Five hours PRIOR or AFTER the application of your nail enamel.

Receive tips from Firozé Nail & Skin Care via e-mail every month. By filling our CONTACT US, Page. It’s the easy way to keep hands and nails looking their very best.

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Firozé Nail & Skin Care Products are hypoallergenic & never tested on animals
In The Press
"Having a manicure by Firozé at your home is the ultimate in luxury"
— The London Times Magazine

"Firozé nail polish in Goddess is what women want"
— Teen People